Tips For Successful Meditation

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Dec 13th, 2015

Meditation practice is often termed as a tool as it helps to relieve stress, helps with the chronic pain and it makes one to have a better sleep, more peaceful. In addition to helping in the body check-up, it is a great means of getting to know oneself better. You get to know a sense of mystery of who we really are. If you are thinking to undertake meditation, you should free up your mind. Below are some useful tips that can facilitate successful meditation practice as a beginners guide to meditation and if you already practice meditation, they can serve as a check point or add to the tips you already use.


  • Ensure you take the right posture; while starting up on meditation, you should ensure that you sit upright with your head up. Taking anther posture will make your mind to wander away. While meditating, your body and mind are connected. If you balance your body well, then your mind will also be balanced.
  • Keep your eyes open; when your eyes are open during meditation, they facilitate your alertness. What you need is to sort of gaze. Closing the eyes diverts your mind and you start having other thoughts. However this is optional and you can do what you feel comfortable. To some people, closing the eyes while meditating is more effective.
  • Focus on the subject of meditation; meditation is a way of knowing about his/her inner self. Focusing on meditation means paying attention to the subject you are meditating on. Taking deep breaths help greatly in maintaining the focus. If your mind wanders away, you can try repeating what you are focusing on in your mind. This way, you will be able to achieve your goal more easily.
  • Choose the right place; choosing the right place for meditation is paramount when meditating. You can make an altar where you will always be going during meditation.
  • Observe silence; during meditation, especially as a beginner, it is important to choose a quiet place. It is perceived that one can meditate with some music in the background but it is very hard to focus because your mind is drawn to the music playing. Sitting in the silence makes one to experience and understand what the mind is doing. For a moment, outer and inner silence meet and you feel at rest.

The aforementioned tips are beginners guide to meditation and following them assures you of great meditation goals.

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