Things to know about Medical Terminology

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Oct 20th, 2015

Sometimes when we read our medical reports or our doctors prescription we come around few words that we can’t make the heads or tails of it, also many famous health care institutions like John Hopkins University or the SCUHS use medical terminologies in their symposium or research papers which we do not understand as it appears alien to us. So let’s see few things that one should know about Medical Terminologies.

Whenever a doctor says or write Acute it meant that he wanted to tell you that illness which occurs to us in no time and also lasts for a short duration. Now he may also have used the word Chronic which generally means the opposite of Acute.

Many a times you would observe, that whenever you told your doctor about heart burn problem he might have written it as Gerd, as Gerd represents the scientific term for Heart burn.

Sometimes your Dietician or Doctor may refer you or your family members as having Hyperlipidemia, its nothing to that alarming as it sounds, basically it means as having excessive lipids, in other words fat, in the blood.

If you saw some report talking about a heart disease you can most certainly run over the term Angina. According to SCUHS, Angina means a sharp chest pain occurring due to deprivation of heart muscles from getting enough blood.

If you see Lymphatic Disease then it would mean that it was referring the diseases pertaining to tonsils, lymphatic vessels and fluids etc. and if you see the word Gastrointestinal it would be referring to stomach, lever, intestines and its surrounding areas. Integumentary would mean about the areas pertaining to skin, nail and its glands. Cellulitis would mean a disease in which the skin gets infected and swells abruptly.

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