The Best Exercises to Do as a Family

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Apr 9th, 2015

Children need to exercise just as much as adults do. We might assume that our kids are naturally running around at school without any input from us, but the reality could be that they’re not getting much exercise at all. Exercising as a family is a fun way to make sure that everyone is getting the workout they need while spending time together as well. But it can sometimes be difficult to think of things that the kids can join in with and get them interested in participating. You can’t take them on your morning run or for a game of squash, so what’s the best way to get them up and exercising? Check out these top activities that everyone can do as a family, from swimming ┬áto dancing.

Bike Riding

Getting on your bikes is something that it’s easy for the whole family to do. If you don’t all own a bike, you could hire some for the day. Anyone who can’t ride a bike yet can use stabilisers, and little ones who are too young for that can go in a seat or a trailer behind mum or dad’s bike. Learning to ride a bike will give your kids confidence, and it’s excellent exercise. They can ride around outside the house after dinner or you could all go for a long ride at the weekend.


Photo Credit SLO County Bicycle Coalition


Swimming is another fun way of exercising for all the family. Whether you’re teaching the kids to swim or just splashing about, being in the water can help to keep their hearts, muscles and joints healthy. Lots of parents like to teach their kids to swim themselves. If this is you, click here to find out about how to schedule your lessons so that your children learn at a steady pace. You can learn all about different exercises to improve their water confidence and get them on their way to being a strong swimmer.


One of the simplest ways of getting the family out and about is going for a nice walk. You could go for a short walk before or after dinner or for a longer one at the weekend. However, walking can start to feel a bit boring, so do your best to make it interesting for the kids. Perhaps you can plan some fun stops along the way, or you can just keep up the conversation about your surroundings or their favourite topics.


Any fun-loving family will enjoy turning on some music and getting down for a quick boogey. You don’t have to have any cool moves or even any rhythm. Any amount of shaking your tail feather will get your blood pumping and your lungs working, as well as tone and strengthen your muscles. The great thing about dancing is that it doesn’t feel like proper exercise. Everyone can join in at whatever level they’re capable of, whether they’re six months old or 60 years old.

Don’t forget that, as well as structured exercise, you can “trick” the kids into getting off their bums too. Get them to join in with the chores, help with some gardening or just come on a dog walk.

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