Mesotherapy Treatment For Your Better Physical Appearance

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Aug 11th, 2015

For many years, people have been trying to find the most convenient body sculpting method to help them achieve a better physical appearance. However, most methods people use for body shaping or body sculpting are not very effective. When it comes to body shaping, most usually will exercise or dieting. When performed properly, exercise and diet would be effective in helping you lose weight and get rid of your excessive fat. But this method cannot eliminate all your excessive fat completely. Even when you have reached your ideal weight, you will still see those flabs and cellulites.

Fortunately today there is a treatment that you can use to eliminate these extra flabs and cellulites so you can have a perfect figure. This treatment is called Mesotherapy, which was originated from France. Mesotherapy treatment was found by doctor Michel Pistor after many years of clinical research and began applying it since 1952. This treatment gained recognizition as a specialized medical practice in France in 1987, and since then, this body shaping treatment keeps on developing and utilized not only in France, but throughout Europe and even in the United States. Today there are no less than 18,000 physicians that are capable of performing this treatment.

This treatment is performed by using subdermal injections. Each of the mesotherapy injections contains natural extracts, vitamins, also FDA approved medicines. This formula will penetrate into the problem area where fat cells are accumulated. The formula will work to dissolve and shrink your fat cells. This treatment should be performed bi-weekly until you get maximum results.

Your skin will become tighter after the fat cells shrunk and you will see no more ugly bulges on the problem areas. Mesotherapy treatment could also  remove your excess weight but it won’t be too significant, so you cannot use it for weight loss treatment. Unlike other body shaping methods known today, such as traditional liposuction methods, this treatment doesn’t involve surgery. That means the recovery time will also be a lot faster.

The procedure also doesn’t require much time, especially if there’s only a small area needs to be treated, like mesotherapy for face for example. Most of the time, each session will take no more than 30 minutes. As to how many times you should undergo the procedure in order to achieve maximum results will very much depend on your individual case, also where the problem is located. Mesotherapy for face, usually requires 4 times treatments with 2-3 weeks intervals.

Before you can have this treatment performed on your body, usually there will be an assessment session between you and the doctor. This meeting is to determine whether the treatment is right for you. In order to be eligible for mesotherapy treatment, you should be at least 18 years old and no more than 75 years old, having no more than 30 BMI (body mass index), also you are not currently taking certain medications, have cancer, diabetes, or being pregnant.

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