Can a Bra Relieve Back Pain?

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Nov 19th, 2014

There are many women world-wide who suffer from daily back and shoulder pains.  There can be a lot of reasons for this including such things as spine misalignment’s, additional weight, poor posture and breast size.  Many sufferers will probably go see their doctors seeking a relief from the aches and pains.  Some may be lucky and find out the reasons for their pains, but for many, there is no relief in sight.  For many women, the cause of their back and shoulder pain might not be completely understood.  Daily aches and pains just become a part of life.

One possible and often overlooked cause of the back and shoulder pains women frequently suffer from is their breast size.  The larger the breasts, the more weight and support that is needed.  The simple fact is that a women’s breasts are supported by the muscle groups in the back, neck and shoulders.  Breast support does not come from the front chest.  So by natural design, this fact can lead to aches and pains.  Women who have a large bust know that there can be more issues with aches and pains with the burden of the added weight and size.  And to make matters even more problematic, most women do not have the right size or right kind of bra to give them the support that they need.

But there is something that women can use to find relief and it is an item that they already own and wear:  the bra.  There are bras on the market that are designed to help with posture and comfort in mind.  There are posture support bras, such as the Genie Bra as seen on the “As Seen on TV” commercials.  Posture support bras are designed for both comfort and support and may help reduce the aches and pains associated with breast size and ill-fitting bras.

This type of bra can help a woman’s posture by pulling the shoulders back and providing help with a straighter back.  What the posture support bra, like the Genie Bra is designed to do is to take pressure off of your muscles and give you added support within the bra itself.  They are designed and made for comfort and support in mind.

Support issues are one factor, another is a good fitting bra.  Traditional bras are made the same way whether you have a small or large cup.  With posture support bras, like the Genie Bra, they are made to contour to your size.  You do not have to worry about bad back support or ill-fitting cups for the front.  Unlike the traditional bra, it does not have hooks or wires in the design.  It is made of a nylon/spandex and material and is seamless.  Women who wear the Genie Bra will find that it is easy to slip on and it gives added support and lift.  Whether a woman has a small bust or is full-figured, this product can give her a comfortable wear and reduce every day aches and pains.

So the question is whether a bra can relieve back pain.  And the answer is yes.  Most bras do not have ample lift and support especially for those with larger busts. Many bras do not have a wide enough band in the back that gives a woman the support needed.  And because there is a lack of back support, the weight in front may sag which creates more pressure on the shoulders and can lead to heavily dug lines from the shoulder straps.

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