Benefits of Going to School to be a Barber

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Jan 26th, 2015

2People often find themselves wondering if going to barber school is right for them. Getting such a degree opens the door to working primarily at salons, spas or barber shops. Unlike a hairstylist, a barber specializes in services for men, including both skin and hair care. However, there are several benefits that come with getting such a degree.

Steady Employment

Possibly the best benefit of getting a barbering degree is that you have set yourself up for a life of very steady employment. No matter what’s going on in the economy, people always need professional care for their hair and skin. Even the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics often projects a steady increase in available jobs for barbers. This is a trend that has remained true for many years. Considering that men don’t usually have hair as long as women, they go to barbers to maintain their hairstyle, facial hair and skin. This leaves barbers with a never-ending demand for their skills.

Flexible Schedule

Getting a degree from an academy, such as the Ron King Academy, opens the door to having a job with a flexible schedule. This is one of the main benefits of training to enter this career field. A lot of people who train to become barbers are self-employed. This means that they run their own business, and oftentimes, they run this business in a rented shop or from their own homes. Those who do work independently are than able to set their own hours of operation. Even when choosing to work with a chain or company, you will often find that employers allow for both part and full-time employment. This makes it a lot easier to get a job that fits around your needs.

To build up a good base of clientele, a barber only has to prove himself in his field. This means that it is extremely important to sign up with a barber academy that has a proven track record and updates its courses with changes in facial and hair care trends. Just like any other industry, the male hair care industry changes too. Many people like to try out the latest styles, so barbers are continuously learning and keeping themselves up to date on these new styles.

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